6 Tips to Seal Entry Point to Prevent Rodents from Entering Your Home or Business

Rodents are the basic and most common problem of house owners. The rodents damage your food and also hamper your health. They even spread harmful bacteria that can adversely affect your health. If you have kept your food uncovered, it might be attacked by rodents. It will not only contaminate your food but also spread pathogens on the plates that should be cleaned with an affection dishwasher to eliminate them.

Rodents not only attack your food but also destroy your clothes and furniture. They will make holes in your clothes and also destroy your expensive furniture. So, you can get rid of rodents by using different means to seal their entry. 

Follow Given Tips to Eliminate Rodents from your House

  1. Seal the drainage area:

Rodents mostly entered your house through the drainage and sewerage area. It is better to maintain your sewage or drainage properly than to invite rodents into your house. You can control rodents in your house by maintaining good sewerage systems and sealing them properly with effective covers.

2. Proper disposal of garbage:

Rodents and pests mostly enter your house in search of shelter and food. If you do not dispose of your garbage properly, it will invite rodents into your house. So, you can do rodent control in your house by disposing of your garbage properly and keeping it out of rodents.

3. Sealing the gaps:

It is advised to cover all the gaps properly by using cement or repairing it through other means. If you seal the gaps it will control the entry of rodents into your house and gardens. The rodents find gaps or holes in the garden to take shelter. Holes and gaps in the garden are mostly ignored by us. But you should take proper precautionary actions to control rodents in your house.

4. Covering broken windows with wire gauge:

You can cover your broken window with the help of a wire gauge. The wire gauge prevents the entry of rats into your house. Rodent Control is important if you want to get rid of rodents.

5. Checking your attic once a week:

Your rodents might enter your house and hide in the dark area. An attic is a place that you do not visit frequently. This might be the best place for rodents to hide. So, you should check your attic once a week and use rat traps or bait food for rodent control.

6. Seal your kitchen pipeline properly:

Rodents mostly enter your house through pipelines or drainage systems. You will not even release when rodents enter your house and attack your food. It is better to seal your kitchen pipeline properly or you can place heavy objects on it to prevent their entry.


There are various ways through which you can control the entry of rodents into your house. So, it is important to get rid of rodents as early as possible as they cause a lot of damage to property and health. You can get an easy & quick rodent solution with the help of an expert pest controllers team by calling on 02 6105 9069.